Your personal contribution to science and research!

Your personal contribution to science and research!

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Whether you are a student, alumni, a friend or an organisation –

as a member of Humboldt-Universitäts-Gesellschaft you are always up close and personal with researchers and students of one one of the most prestigious universities in the German-speaking world. This is your opportunity to support the scientific community in Berlin and in particular its young talents!

Membership Benefits

  • Members of Humboldt-Universitäts-Gesellschaft enjoy exclusive insights into our funding activities and receive all the latest HU news via our Newsletter.
  • Members receive exclusive invitations to HUG events such as general meetings, student conferences and symposia, as well as guided tours of significant locations and institutions in the German capital.

What Makes Our Work Unique

We support young, passionate researchers
HUG supports students, PhD candidates and postgraduates of all faculties both financially and with its expertise.

We create new and innovative research concepts
Our Student Symposia help young researcher shine on the big stage.

Personal mentoring is very important to us
Beyond financial support we offer professional and personal mentoring to all our project teams.

We make science tangible
Our events and projects build an important bridge between the university and the public.

What our members say about us

What I like about HUG is that it brings together people with a wide range of interests. In doing so, it addresses current as well as historically significant topics. Its contacts to science, art and history provide a good platform for high-level discussions. I wouldn’t want to miss it as a source of inspiration.

Florian Wolf-Roskosch (HU Alumni and Author)

„As a long-time Humboldtian, I have been a member of the Humboldt-Universitäts-Gesellschaft for many years. It is a forum for the productive and joyful exchange of views and creates inspiring encounters at outstanding sites of academic, cultural and social life in our city. With the help of the Association, I am able to support young academics and student projects both in the planning process and financially. In this way, HUG contributes effectively to the promotion of our alma mater and its public image, in the spirit of the Humboldt brothers: ‚Ideas can only be of use if they come alive in many minds.‘ (Alexander von Humboldt to Ludwig Bollmann, 15.10.1799).“

Prof. i.R. Dr. Elke van der Meer (Senior Professor at HU)

„HUG events are thematically diverse, interesting in terms of content and have high-ranking speakers and contributors. At the same time, they take guests to unusual places that one don’t often gets to see. That’s why I’ve enjoyed being a member of HUG for years.“

Prof. Dr. Friedrich-Carl Wachs (Lawyer)

„Without the help of HUG, many good ideas for Humboldt University could not have been implemented. I also owe HUG the contact to a great mentor, without whose help I would not have arrived where I am today. The always open and unbureaucratic ear distinguishes HUG from other associations. I like being a member, especially since I always stay up to date on the latest research events at the university.“

Karina Jung (Friend- and Fundraising)

Your Support

We want to invite you to invest in the future of our students together. These are your options to support HUG: